HUFCOR operable partition walls

Quickly transformable spaces with operable partition walls

High quality HUFCOR operable partition walls are suitable for sights, where the spaces are desired to be divided quickly into different parts. The spaces can be made multifunctional and they will transform according to the need, into closed or open entireties.

With sound insulating operable partition walls you can divide a bigger space quickly into individual- and team work, meeting and education suitable uninterrupted parts.

Operable partition walls typical uses are in hotels and meeting centers, schools and kindergartens, banks and insurance companies, restaurants and student cafes, offices and meeting rooms, gyms and dance schools, multi-function spaces and auditoriums, educational centers, shopping centers, museums, libraries and other public sights.

Service and maintenance

Operable partition walls are moving structures and they need service from time to time, so that their function and usability stays flawless. Through us you will get a professional service for all of the HUFCOR operable partition walls. Ask more from our customer service.

HUFCOR 100/100K massive movable wall

HUFCOR operable partition walls are unparalleled because of their exceptional user friendliness and exceptional quality. Quick-Set compacting system is pre-eminently quickest and easiest way to create sound insulating spaces with operable partition walls. High quality pellet bearings and the aluminum rails guarantee a light movability of the operable partition walls.

For the solid built HYFCOR 100/100K solid models can be found a wide selection of surface materials, which means that you will get exactly the kind of look you want. These operable partition walls are the choice of leading hotel chains, and they can be found in over 6000 hotels around the world.

The sound insulation is 57dB Rwp and the model 100 operable partition walls has an E130 classification.

HUFCOR Movista – sound insulating transparency

With the stylish sound insulating glass operable partition walls you can create magnificent and bright spaces. You can order the narrow aluminum profiles with as fitting shades and the glass can be equipped with an integrated venetian blind, if you wish.

You can also get the Movista operable partition walls as electrically lockable in place. Just move the walls into a desired place and lock them by turning the key into place. At the same time the walls upper and lower edges will condensate into sound insulating. The sound insulation of the glass walls is 47dB Rwp.

You can combine the glass- and solid walls and the door elements, and create exactly the kind of operable wall entirety that you desire.

HUFCOR G3000 – full glass operable partition walls

The full glass operable partition walls are suitable for in addition to private rooms, in shops, cafes, bank offices, and public spaces glass walls. The glasses narrow aluminum profiles support the glass squares safely with a four hidden bolts and protect the glasses from dents.

With the operable glass walls you can make the spaces bright and spacious. You can present your products and services through the wall and attract the customers to come into your shop. The glass can be tempered, laminated, bright, frosted or painted. As the glass doors you can choose solid, self closing or operable 360° double doors.


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Technical details of HUFCOR operable partition walls
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    HUFCOR operable walls

    HUFCOR operable walls

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