Aluminum framed glass walls

Style clean aluminum

Aluminum gives the partition walls a unique look. The perks of HSL aluminum framed glass wall are a really level quality of work, precise sizing and a large selection of surface alternatives. Explore more closely.

Elements with sizing

Aluminum framed partition wall is designed and made from 34x38mm aluminum profile with elements in the shape and size of your wish. Also the dividing will be done exactly in the way you need them. The elements are also really easy to install and effortless to move with the change of the space needs.

Abundant amounts of surface alternatives.

Companions available for aluminum

  • Glass (6, 8 ad 10 mm)
  • Melamine
  • PVC panel
  • Painted MDF and veneered panels
  • Fabric upholstered panels
  • venetian blinds, roller blinds, ropes etc. Can also be attached to the modules

Doors and surface treatment

Sliding doors are usually installed on the aluminum walls, but also turning-, and hinge doors are possible. The aluminum profiles are available anodized to natural color or powder painted in accordance with the RAL color chart.

Aluminum profiles are also available in decoral treated, where the profile is powder painted in accordance with the RAL color chart, and it's coated with wood grain pattern. There are multiple different shades of wood available in the selection.

Sound insulation

For the sliding doors options, found tested structures are in the values of Rw33dB ja Rw37dB. The glasses are always chosen according to the requirements of the project


As with all of the HSL partition wall systems, also the HSL solid element walls will be delivered exactly on time and installed with a turnkey principle. The installation can be done on top of the finished floors with the elements gathered already in the factory, which means the space can be furnished right after the installation. Check about installation more closely from the section Installation.

Product name and guarantee

Guarantee duration 2 years

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