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HSL Muutospalvelu – koska vain muutos on pysyvää


HSL Transformation service is a central part of the service concept we offer to our clients. Every space has to answer the needs of our clients and as we well know, needs change sometimes really quickly.

HSL Transformation service include the HSL partition wall systems management of use throughout the whole lifecycle of the property. The key word of our work is efficiency, of time as well as costs.

The HSL Transformation service will be tailored by your wished and you will get it for new as well as for already existing properties, regardless of size.

Read more about the HSL Transformation service from the enclosed client example and contact our sales department!

Case Ilmarinen

With this experience, it is safe to say that, that I have done quite a bit of transformation work. I came to work for Ilmarinen over 40 years ago, and numerous different work tasks can fit in that time frame. Nowadays I am in charge of different spaces management and safety related matters at the Ilmarinen's headquarters.

Premises have developed over the time even a lot, but one feature will stay the same: change. In all of the spaces, transformation work will be done every now and then and the bigger the property in question, the more often the situations change. A typical transformation work might get its start, for example, from organization change, an acquisition or naturally from the company's moving out or into the property. This situation is also here at Ilmarinen's building. I could even say caricaturely that, there is always some wall in the wrong place. Or maybe in a better way, that there is always a seeking for the most functional form of the space.

Without the walls good transformation flexibility, a tight schedule would have become impossible.

I can remember that at the end of 1970's there were transferable wall solutions already on the market and perhaps I was already then dealing with HSL. Keeping up with the change requires transformation flexible solutions, and that is what HSL products are. In addition to transferability I also require from the products used a speed of installation and the mutual compatibility of the different walls. In my opinion HSL's walls answer these requirements quite well.

A good real life example is a transformation work done during the summer and fall of 2012, where we received to Ilmarinen a new company that was renting the whole floor. After the designing phase, there was only few months for the transformation work. Without the walls good transformation flexibility, a tight schedule would have become impossible. A tight and functional cooperation with HSL was for its part making sure the sticking of the schedule and a happy new tenant.

On top of the product features, honest and smooth procedures speaks in the favor of HSL. There is always a direct answer for the questions and feedback is received well. I will expect that HSL's product development will continue actively also in the future for example as new acoustic solutions.

Hannu Karttunen
Techical expert

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