Bulk head elements

Significant benefit for architects and developers

HSL bulk head elements significantly quicken the design process and the property's building. On the Installation-ready bulk head elements can be attached the lower wall structures like solid walls, doors and electrical switches.

Another significant benefit is also the factory made measurement precise panel cut-outs for the HVAC- and electrical exportations. This not only quickens the HVAC works, but also lowers the need for cleaning in the property. The bulk head elements are easy to integrate as a part of the join supports of HVAC systems.

Technical information

The structure of the bulk head elements is the same as the HSL solid element walls: The trunk is made of laminated veneer lumber, and it has inside a mineral wool insulation. Building board is on the both sides of the structure. You can find the exact details of the elements from the section Downloadable materials.

The heads default width 92 mm
The bushing head's width 117 mm
The double wall head's width 142 mm


As with all of the HSL partition wall systems, also the HSL bulk head elements will be delivered exactly on time and installed with a turnkey principle. The installation will happen by placing in the ceiling the exportations on the right spots, after which the bulk head elements will be raised to its right place and attached. If the property has a joint supports of HVAC systems, it will be usually installed before the head bulks

Product name and guarantee

HSL Bulk head
Guarantee duration 2 years

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