HSL FlexWall – a way to make space

A human needs the illusion of a self space. A team needs work peace. A company needs space variations. An excellent space inspires. Working has changed, spaces have not. Open office does not work. Closed doors prevent communication.

HSL FlexWall transforms with the requirements of the work

Sometimes you want to keep the doors open and sit in an open office where the information passes, sometimes you need your own space for calm working. FlexWall transforms according to the work situation and tasks, this way doing work becomes more efficient. For developers of properties FlexWall has a long life and it is a modifications enduring investment. For a designer it is a modern and transformable palette, and for a construction company it gives a modularized and a productized design -value addition.

Technical information and materials

In the FlexWall system all of the sliding glass doors go inside the wall surfaces, which leaves the surfaces for use. The wall surfaces are of a whiteboard magnetic surface so they work directly as a writing and attachment platform. The electricity and data will be integrated directly inside the walls. There are many material choices for the wall surfaces and glasses, and even more color choices – we will create a suitable solution for your needs. You will naturally receive from us the whole space entirety of the ceiling, lighting, floor and not forgetting the fittings.

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