Sound insulated meeting rooms / office meeting pods

Retreating spaces for focus requiring work

An open office has many upsides like easy communication, but sometimes for customer meetings and for work that requires focus - calm and private spaces are needed. For these situations we developed mini space solutions, with which, stylish and sound insulated office meeting pods and bigger meeting rooms for the needs of individual- and group work, can be created in an open office. Also check out Office work booth.

Functionality and acoustics as a priority

A meeting room should be spacious enough, so that when sitting down with the work instruments, it's possible to sit comfortably without a feeling of tightness. Also the room must have pleasant acoustics, effective air ventilation that keeps the air fresh and good lighting. The space must have, despite it's size a feeling of spaciousness and it must be possible to see outside well.

Our customers have different needs, that's why we designed the meeting rooms with our wall selections regular elements. In this way the space can easily and cost-effectively be transformed into bigger or smaller – or for example, increase or decrease the amount of glass surface.

The regular models of sound insulated meeting rooms

Sound insulated meeting rooms are implemented as entireties according to the clients wishes, but to aid the decision, we will introduce some of our regular models.

The meeting rooms will be delivered with their own floor and ceiling and with an independent air conditioning device, which can be left out if the space is desired to be attached to the building's air ventilation system. Often even a small space with it's own ceiling, must be fire protected, in that case the most common way is to attach it to the building's sprinkler system.

As a default, the meeting rooms are also equipped with floor carpeting, acoustic panels on the wall and the back wall, lighting with movement recognition and of course, a finished piping for the feeds of electricity and data.

We will deliver the meeting rooms with a turnkey package, all the way to the final installation. And if you desire, we will also coordinate the technology with the property (air ventilation, fire protection, electricity).

Two or four person office meeting pods

Sizes: 2 person office meeting pod 250 x 170 cm, 4 person office meeting pod 340 x 250 cm
Height 230 cm + air conditioning device 30 cm
Height 230 cm + air conditioning device 30 cm
Door: 9x21, Rw37 or 42dB, Rw37 also available with a glass opening / sliding glass
Laminated, sound insulating safety glasses: Pilkington Optiphon 10,5Lp Rw39dB
Ceiling adjustable air conditioning unit: 30-150 l/s, 108-540 m3/h.
Lighting: wall lamp Wall Straight 300, 2 pcs, reservation for a ceiling lamp
Floor carpeting: Pallas, Desso
Ceiling's acoustic panels: Ecophon Focus SQ20, glued
Wall's acoustic panels: Exophon Texona
Electricity and data: 230 V 50 Hz 10A (normal luminous flux), adsl-sockets


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