Presentation videos

On this page, you will find introductory videos of some of our projects as well as our products and the spatial solutions they enable. For more case studies, see our references.

All products delivered by HSL Group are always manufactured according to project-specific dimensions and sound insulation requirements. More information of our solutions can be found on our website or by contacting our Customer service.

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Palkeet operable walls

Pasila Palkeet HUFCOR siirtoseinat

Järvileasing aluminium framed glass walls

Järvileasing alumiinilasiseinäkkeet ja lasiseinät

Lahti Aqua wood framed glass walls

HSL Group puulasiseinät ja liukulasiovet Lahti Aqua

LähiTapiola Järvenpää operable walls

LähiTapiola Järvenpää siirtoseinät

Novapolis partition walls

HSL Group järjestelmäväliseinät Novapolis Kuopio

OP Loviisa aluminium framed glass walls

HSL Group OP Loviisa Asiakastarina

Eiran aikuislukio älylasiseinät

HSL Group älylasiseinät Eiran aikuislukion tilauudistuksessa

Presentation of HSL partition walls

HSL järjestelmäväliseinät

HSL smart glass solutions

HSL Group älylasiratkaisut

Novapolis smart glass walls

HSL Group älylasiseinät

HUFCOR operable walls

HUFCOR operable walls

Operable walls for offices

Operable walls for office

Operable walls for hotels

Operable walls for hotel

Operable walls for event venues

Operable walls for event venues

Operable walls for academys

Operable walls for academy

Locking operable walls into place

Manuaalisesti paikoilleen lukittavan siirtoseinän esittely

Antimicrobial materials of operable walls

Antimikrobiset materiaalit

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