Responsibility for our shared environment

HSL Group aims to minimize the environment factors that are caused from their operations, and we inform about them openly to our different stakeholders. We are in cooperation with different specialist parties, so that our whole process from designing our products, all the way to the installation would happen as efficiently as possible.

Life-cycle thinking is a central part of our service concept. We manufacture the kinds of products where the material choices and the transformability of them promotes a long lifecycle for the products.

We also make sure, that the people working for HSL group are aware of their responsibility in being aware of the environment in their own work tasks.

HSL wall element's lifecycle assessment

We have made done an HSL solid wall element's lifecycle assessment at VTT in the year 2012. It provides us and our customers valuable information about the products environment impacts. In the lifecycle assessment the element wall was compared to a stationary built stainless steel trunked gypsum panel wall. The results show that the HSL element wall's environment impacts are noticeably less already from the first wall change.

Read the whole assessment here..

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