Smart glass walls

Impressive and practical smart glass

By equipping your space with HSL smart glass walls you will create bright and practical spaces, in which you can according to the need, dim and clear the glasses with one push of a button. Electrically dimmable smart glass is a remarkably more stylish, practical and also cheaper than an integrated venetian blind that is between two glasses. The impressive solution will also stay in the minds of the people visiting the space.

The smart glass wall stops effectively the radiation of the sun, and guarantees the desired inner environments despite the season. The laminated glass also increases safety because of it's shockproof structure.

Elements with sizing

Smart glass walls are made in the wall system elements of the shapes and sizes of your wishes. You will also get the dividing exactly in the way you need it, taking into account the maximum sizes of the glass wall (1800mm x 4000mm). The elements are easy to install, and effortless to move with the changes in the needs of the space.

Wooden or aluminum profiles

The smart glasses will be delivered according to the wishes of the client, either in wooden or aluminum profiles. The vertical seams between the glass elements can be implemented also without vertical profiles, which means you can create long uniform glass surfaces.

The wooden profiles can be surface treated with, veneer, painting, varnish or stained according to the plans of the client. The aluminum profiles are available anodized to natural light or powder coated according to the RAL color chart. With a compatible surface treatment, the smart glass walls can be made seamlessly compatible with the rest of the spaces visual look.


Sliding doors or turning doors will be installed in connection with the smart glass walls if needed. Also the doors and the doors electrical shutters will be surface treated to be compatible with the entirety.

Sound insulation

The sound insulation capability of the smart glass walls will be tailored with the requirements of the property. For example, with a 14mm total glass strength can be achieved a sound insulation of Rw38dB that is enough for most of the properties.

Current drain

A safe 48 volt electrical system, current drain of 5w / m2 when the glass is in an activated state.


As with all of the HSL partition wall systems, also the HSL smart glass walls will be delivered exactly on time and installed with a turnkey principle. The installation can be done on top of the finished floors with the elements gathered already in the factory. The installation can also be implemented as a partition solution, which means that the walls will be left open from the top.

Product name and guarantee

Guarantee duration 2 years

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