In a tough group can be grown into a success


HSL Group has specialized in partition wall systems and we are this industry's leading companies in Finland. Our success is born out of a complete service, that starts from the building property's designing phase and continues from the property's putting in service to the transformation of the spaces throughout the whole lifecycle of the property. Which means that we work in cooperation with architects, developers, construction companies, as well as the property owner and the users of the premises.

The values of our work is, quality, cost-efficiency, ecologicality and domesticity.

Important part of our work is domestic expertise. All of our walls are designed and made in Finland, Heinola. We look after our 25 employees. We know that a good, or even an excellent product is not enough alone. That's why we continuously invest also in customer satisfaction and the development of service concepts.

As last point we would like to bring up the respecting of the environment. Our business is guided by the principles of sustainable development, and we want to take into account in all of our work also the upcoming generations. We expect this also from our own partners.

Thank you for your time, and welcome to become an HSL Group's customer.

HSL Group LLC has an ongoing project HSL Group LLC Product development. The project is part of a supported EU program, Sustainable development and work 2014-2020 – Finland's structure fund program. The objective of the project is to improve competitiveness and make growth possible.

Direct numbers


Sound management

Offer requests

chief executive officer
Mika Pentikäinen
+358 40 821 5434

Production manager
Marko Toijonen
+358 50 374 9591

Accounting manager
Ari Ketomäki
+358 40 500 9312

Accounting manager
Aaro Nieminen
+358 40 417 2349

Sales manager
Jani Luukkonen
+358 41 438 3269

Project manager
Timo Mölsä
+358 400 353 898

Project manager
Matti Virtanen
+358 44 268 6833

Project manager
Jari Suvanto
+358 40 865 1923

Project engineer
Taru Ollilainen
+358 40 504 8100

Project engineer
Ari-Pekka Hyttinen
+358 50 468 6271

Project manager
Sami Pulkkinen
+358 40 838 3795

Accounting engineer
Henri Rajala
+358 50 5760978

Billing and personnel matters
Päivi Myllyniemi
+358 10 277 6500

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