Wood framed glass walls

The best from wood and glass

The combination of wood and glass is one of the most popular partition wall materials. And to no surprise, because with the combination can be achieved a stylish partition wall solution, that is suitable for any space.

A practical module structure

HSL Wood framed glass wall is module structured, it has two benefits: The wall is easy to install and move in case it's needed. The modules width's and height's can be measured according to your wish. Modules are commonly made from a 30×92 sized MDF-, wood- or plywood profile or according to your special wishes. The profile can be painted or, for example, coated with a veneer.

Abundant amounts of surface alternatives.

Companions available for the wood

  • Glass (clear, tinted, matte surfaced, tempered, laminated etc.)
  • PVC panel
  • Melamine-surfaced MDF-coated or a veneered panel
  • Fabric upholstered panel
  • Panel
  • Special solutions (for example, net, bars etc.)
  • venetian blinds, roller blinds, ropes etc. Can also be attached to the modules

Technical information

The elements are always created according to the client's design. The clear details of the elements can be found from the downloadable materials section.

Profile for example 30×92, 30×120 and project-specific dimensions
maximum sizes of the modules 3000 X 3000 mm
The installation of the glass on the profiles track or with wood / aluminum moulding
Sound insulation by glass type

Doors and surface treatment

You can have whatever kind of door you want for wood framed glass walls (constant-, panel-, sliding-, glass door etc.). The partition wall's profiles, doors and solid panels can also be surface treated with varnish, paint, veneer or stained.


As with all of the HSL partition wall systems, also the HSL solid element walls will be delivered exactly on time and installed with a turnkey principle. The installation can be done on top of the finished floors, which means the space can be furnished right after the installation. Check about installation more closely from the section Installation.

Product name and guarantee

Guarantee duration 2 years

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