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Ideas to support designing

Work habits and work environment's requirements change constantly. The spaces transformability and safety is in a key role in the designing of new and renewable work spaces. In this page you will find ideas for the development of the work environment and enhancement of work, among other things.

HSLminitila neuvotteluhuone

A modern multi space office from an open office

In an open office space, communication with the other employees is easy. However this usually comes with the expense of work peace and many people who work in an open office, have a feeling that that the environment's sound level increase their stress levels and makes efficient working more difficult. And also, workstations too tightly put in an open space also promotes the spreading of diseases more easily in the work community.

The more difficult the task, the more peace is needed to be able to focus on the task. Offering work peace doesn't necessarily need to mean individual fixed work room for everyone. Instead it will be good to be able to offer different spaces, where the workers can choose one for the needs of each situation.

Multi-space office

Remote working is increasing continuously, which means that not everyone is same time at the office. It can be smart to transform the spaces into shared divisions that effectively support different work tasks.

Jos omat kiinteät työhuoneet eivät ole tarpeen, voi omille tavaroille olla kullakin oma säilytystila josta ne noudetaan töihin tultaessa. Varsinainen työskentelytila valitaan kulloisenkin päivän ohjelman mukaan ja tilanteen mukaan.

Monitilatoimistoissa on tyypillisesti sopivia tiloja rauhalliseen yksilötyöskentelyyn ja yksityisiin puheluihin, kahdenkeskisiin keskusteluihin sekä pienellä tai suuremmalla joukolla tapahtuviin tiimipalavereihin ja neuvotteluihin.

Järjestele uudelleen minitilaratkaisuilla

New separate spaces can be easily created in an open space with independent mini solutions that have been developed for this purpose. The mini spaces come already equipped according to the customer's wishes and each space is equipped with an independent air ventilation. Another alternative is to attach them to the building's own air ventilation system, then the fresh air comes to the spaces directly from the outside.

Spaces for different needs can be created with mini solutions. Retreating rooms are a good choice for independent work that requires focusing. Negotiations, video meetings, team meetings can be had in the mini meeting spaces, which are made for the right amount of people needed. Phone calls requiring privacy can be taken care of without interruption in the phone rooms. Good sound insulation, acoustics and brightness make working in the spaces pleasant.

One option is to place individual mini spaces in different parts of the office. The spaces can be, for example, turned into stylish groups by connecting spaces suited for other purposes. And because only change is constant, mini spaces are done as module structured. Because of that, they can easily and quickly be transformed with the needs of the future.

Keep the good, develop new

The whole office doesn't need to be changed or lose those elements that are seen as positive in working at an open office. More free form of work can still happen at a more open space. But alongside it, new spaces, that in the best way possible support productive and and the enjoyment of work. And that is exactly the purpose of a functioning office space.

Check out the mini spaces:

Meeting and retreating spaces
Office work Booths

avokonttori turvallisemmaksi järjestelmäväliseinillä

Open office made more safe with system partition walls

The ongoing corona pandemic is setting new requirements for work spaces now and in the future. Open offices and the work stations in them that are placed closely together, makes the spreading of diseases in the work community more easy. For now, work has moved from an open office to remote work, but many already long for work back in the office with other people. To make sure that in the future, working in the office instead of remotely is a desirable option, the work spaces safety must be paid attention to from a completely new point of view.

Separate safe rooms

New and safe space solutions can be created in accordance with the changing needs into the open spaces easily with system partition walls. Because the system partitions go from the ground all the way to the roof, the create safe work spaces, that are fully separate and independent from each other. System partitions can also be used as a space dividers, in this way the work stations can be placed more freely in the spaces, taking safe distances into account.

Spaces for independent work and encounters

With the system partition walls, you can quickly create independent one person work rooms, spaces for group work and ambitious meeting rooms for higher amount of participants. You can also make the office more safe in terms of disease contraction, by limiting the outside visitors by creating a separate meeting area that is meant for visitors. In this way the visitors don't move through the whole office when they arrive to the meetings.

Quick installation and easy transformability

System partition walls are always produced individually with the requirements of the sight. The wall elements are built already in the factory, which makes the installation at the sight quick and dust-free, and it doesn't really cause nuisance to the normal use of the office. If transformation needs arise, the already created spaces are easy to transform and if needed, the wall elements can be move quickly to another place.

The stylish and sound insulating system partition walls are created as a glass or a solid built, with frames that are shaded and equipped in accordance with the desires of the client.

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