The secret to our success

HSL Group LLC is a part of hundreds of building sights around Finland. The secret to our success is simple on paper, but difficult in practice. It's built from these factors.

We think bigger
Laaja järjestelmäväliseinien valikoima on toimitamme selkäranka. Kanssamme voit olla varma siitä, että tuote vastaa tarvettasi. Ajattelemme asiaa kuitenkin isommin, kokonaispalveluna. Kokonaispalvelu tarkoittaa, että seinien lisäksi saat HSL Groupista kumppanin, jonka asiantuntijuus on käytettävissä niin suunnittelussa, asennuksessa, ylläpidossa kuin muutostöissä kohteen koko elinkaaren ajan. Vastaavaa kokonaispalvelua et saa muualta.

Heinola - Finland
All of the HSL partition wall systems are a domestic design and we also produce our walls in Finland, Heinola. The principles guiding our whole production chain are quality, timing and preciseness. We will bring the walls to the work property, when the floor surfaces are finished and we will hand over the space with a turnkey principle to the client. Part of our professional pride is also taking care of the environment and we follow in all of our work the principles of sustainable development.

We serve better?
Good service is hard to describe, but easy to recognize. Our strong position in the market is not solely explained by fantastic products or a solid sales work. We ourself believe in good, personal service and we want to offer our clients a partnership, that is not desired to be changed to another. The real parties to tell about the service they received are our customers. Read their opinions about us from the links on the front page.

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