Sodankylä multi-purpose center

Sodankylän monitoimikeskus / Tähtikunnan koulu

Sodankylä's new multi-purpose center was commissioned in the fall of 2022. The site includes facilities for 650 elementary school children and early childhood education and pre-primary education for around 100 children. The services of the multi-purpose center also include a sports hall, auditorium, school library and youth space, as well as other cultural activities, such as the activities of local associations and colleges.

The multi-purpose center named Tähtikunta´s School was designed with a user-oriented approach, and thw rarget was to create a modern and multi-purpose building, with spaces that can be modified and flexible according to the needs of the users. Environmental values ​​have also been taken into account and, for example, electricity production is partially responsible for the site's own solar power plant installed in the walls.

Since the site's space solutions wanted to take into account the adaptability and ecology of the spaces, flexible and easily re-usable domestic partition wall system was a natural solution for the partition structures of the multi-purpose center.

HSL Group delivered wood framed glass walls to the site, which are an excellent solution for a demanding educational institution environment. Glass walls were used to divide the spaces into smaller parts such as teaching spaces and hallways. Thanks to the glass walls, visibility from one room to another remains unobstructed, which facilitates monitoring and makes the rooms bright and spacious.

The glass walls were made according to the dimensions of each space (Rw 37-42dB) and effectively soundproof (Rw 37-42dB), which guarantees a disturbance-free environment for teaching and learning. Some of the walls were also implemented as fire rated (EI30). The frames of the glass walls and the supplied closed elements and swing doors with glass openings were tinted according to the plans of each installation space to match the surrounding structures. The end result was stylish spaces that take into account the needs of the users and where it is good to work and learn.

All HSL Group space solutions are delivered installed. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls, doors and other space solutions maintenance- and transformation works, if the client wishes, for the whole lifecycle of the property.

Presentation video of the site

Vierailu Sodankylän monitoimikeskuksen työmaalla toukokuu 2022

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