Sinilähde-talo Heinola

HSL puulasiseinät sinilähteen koulu

At Heinola a new stylish educational establishment was put into service, which is named Sinilähde-talo, after its location. The new-built site offers the spaces for 84 kindergartener and 150 schoolchildren, including the sports facilities and special classes. Numerous rooms of the facility spaces are also reservable for the inhabitants of the city as sport-, party- and meeting rooms and the close to nature yard area functions as a versatile sport sight for city inhabitants of all ages.

Versatile and flexible spaces were created with wall systems

The things paid attention to during the designing of the sight were multi-functionality, flexibility and the easy transformation of the spaces. As an end result, a learning environment was born that is communality supporting, flexible and a pleasant learning environment that is in accordance with the new national core curriculum.

The spaces were shared into parts with the domestic partition wall systems delivered by the HSL Group. Light is brought to the shared spaces by the walls large glass surfaces and the oak veneer frames gives the wall a timeless and a stylish appearance. The sound insulation of the walls were implemented with the requirements of each space and it is depending on the glass type Rw32-49dB. The entirety was finished off with sound insulating oak veneer turning doors.

Wood framed glass doors that are visually compatible with the rest of the building entirety were used to create work spaces, office meeting pods, teaching spaces and spaces designed for the kindergarten's needs, among other things. Unobstructed view from one space to another supports communality, makes perception easier and brings a feeling of spaciousness.

Because of their characteristics, transformation flexible partition wall systems are suitable for really demanding educational institutions, and the spaces created with them are, if needed, transformable quickly and dust-free. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls and doors maintenance and transformation works if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle of the property.

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