RPT byggfakta premises renovation

HSL Group siirtoseinat rpt

The premises of RPT Byggfakta Oy, which operates in Espoo, were renovated to better meet the needs of current use. In connection with the renovation of the business premises, previously open spaces were divided into smaller parts with modern convertible interior wall solutions. HSL Group was responsible for the implementation of new space distribution solutions.

Englanti Some of the space solutions were implemented with high-quality HUFCOR type 100 operable wallsThanks to the operable walls, one larger space can be divided into two separate sound-insulating parts in a few minutes, guaranteeing peace of mind and the privacy of conversations on both sides of the wall. The operable walls installed on the site move with rails and ball bearing rollers integrated in the end structure, which allow the wall elements to move into space dividers easily and quickly.

The operable wall elements are equipped with large glasses, so the spaces feel spacious and bright even when they are divided. Light tinted surface materials were chosen around the glass of the wall elements, which emphasizes the lightness of the spaces. The transfer walls that close to the floor and the front structure also insulate sound very effectively. In this object, the sound insulation of the operable wall is Rw53dB.

Transparency and good sound control were also hoped for in other shared spaces. These spaces were realized by using white framed aluminum glass walls and wide aluminum framed Sliding glass doors connected to themThe glass wall elements were built without vertical frames from our HSL GLASS / ALU collection, which maximized a uniform glass surface and significantly lightened the appearance of the wall. The large openings of the sliding glass increase the feeling of a unified space, and if necessary, a gently sliding glass door turns the space into a private space in an instant. The sound insulation of the aluminum glass walls and sliding glass doors is Rw37dB for the entire structure, which means that the privacy of conversations and work peace are guaranteed.

HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the maintenance and transformation works of operable walls, partition walls and sliding doors, if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

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