Ramboll Village Espoo

Ramboll Finland Oy's new 19 000 square meter energy efficient head office was finished at the side of Espoo's Turunväylä and Kehä l. The aim was to connect Ramboll's Helsinki metropolitan area's different offices under one roof. The new head office serves now over thousand employees.

Ramboll Village is a high quality, environment friendly and an inspiring working environment. The facade of the building is quite distinctive with its round corners and the color effects promoting ecologicality. Sustainable development and energy efficiency were in a big role in the designing of Ramboll Village.

Natural encounters and calm work spaces

In the designing of the interior parts of the building, the natural encounters of the staff was wanted to be emphasized. In the middle of the building can be found a spacious atrium yard, which operates as a communal meeting place. From every level can also be found a cafe and break rooms that act as an encountering space. These are located floor by floor along the walking path that leads to the elevators and stairs, and in this way they also increase the employees natural encounters.

Calm retreating spaces and project working areas- and meeting rooms that are implemented in connection with the open work spaces on the other hand guarantee a calm environment for meetings and for focus requiring difficult work.

The glass walls in the spaces meant for individual work were implemented with HSL Group's sound insulating aluminum framed glass walls and sliding glass doors, which helped the efficient squares to become silent, spacious and bright. The team- and meeting rooms walls on the other hand were implemented with HSL Group's sound insulating vertical frameless full glass walls. With the glass walls personalized taping, the spaces achieved a stylish design look. The entirety was completed with solid doors and electrical switches that were shaded in harmony with the shades of the interior design.

In the case that the transformation of these spaces is timely in the future, it will happen easily thanks to the module structured partition wall systems.

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