State Financial and Personnel Administration Service Center operable partition walls

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The State Financial and Personnel Administration Service Center (Palkeet) provides financial and personnel services for state administration agencies, institutions and funds, as well as for approx. 70,000 individual wage earners. For the premises located in Pasila, Helsinki, a space division solution was wanted, with which a larger, unified space can be divided into smaller parts quickly and easily.

The desired space division solution was implemented by HSL Group with solid construction HUFCOR 100K massive operable partitionr walls. In accordance with the client's wishes, HSL Group implemented the entire transfer wall structure from the floor to the vault, including the end structures of the walls, finished ready for use. A spectacular and timeless oak veneer surface was chosen as the surface material for the wall. The wall elements are surrounded by a stylish aluminum molding that protects the surface material of the wall from impacts.

The operable partition walls installed on site move with rails integrated in the superstructure, which allows the wall elements to be easily and quickly transferred into room dividers. Supporting the walls does not require separate rails or other structures on the floor, so that the floor surface remains uniform. High-quality ball bearing rollers and stylish aluminum rails guarantee easy mobility of the operable partition walls.

Electrically sealing elements

The Quick-Set sealing system for HUFCOR partitions is by far the fastest and easiest way to create sound-insulating spaces on partitions. The partition walls are easily sealed in place by turning one key. An electric mechanism integrated into the wall elements tightly seals the elements to the surrounding structures, which at the same time locks the element securely in place. The good tightness of the structure also guarantees top-class sound insulation, which is Rw51dB in the massive operable walls installed on the site.

HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the maintenance and transformation works of partition walls, if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

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