OYS building A

HSL puutäyslasiseinät OYS A

A new university hospital is currently being built in Oulu, which will be one of the most modern in Finland. The site will serve approximately one million residents of Central and Northern Finland.

large role as a guide to the site's architects and engineers in the site's design. Separately implemented test environments have been used in the design of the facilities, where doctors and nurses have been able to simulate the functionality of the environments in practice. The entities found to work are then modeled on a computer as a basis for the building design.

In the implementation of the site's spatial solutions, HSL Group's domestic wood framed glass walls and wood framed internal windows were used, which are very suitable for the demanding hospital environment.

The division of larger uniform spaces into smaller treatment, control room and reception rooms was realized using tall wood framed glass walls with light tinted frames. The wider wooden glass walls were implemented as full glass walls without intermediate frames, which created long, uniform glass surfaces and unobstructed visibility between the divided spaces. Some of the wood framed glass walls were delivered as fire partitions (EI30).

In connection with the wooden glass walls, the solid parts of the walls and ready-made door electrics were delivered for the control of the space's lighting and other building technology. The sound insulation of the wall structures was implemented according to the site's requirements (Rw39dB).

Sound-insulating wood framed interior windows were made to order for the skylights of the object's fixed partitions. The wide interior windows were also made without intermediate frames, with light-tinted frames in accordance with the site's plans. Wooden interior windows were used e.g. in dining areas.

Re-usable domestic partition wall systems are an ecological choice for partition structures. The professionals of HSL Group are responsible for the maintenance and modification of walls and doors, if the customer so wishes, throughout the entire life cycle of the object. All HSL Group products are always delivered already installed.

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