OP Loviisa office renovation

K-Kampus Helsinki

The space transformed into a pleasant bank office with aluminum glass walls


The starting point was difficult: in Loviisa, two banks were being combined into one. The new combined office would be renovated by expanding the space by first demolishing all of the old away. The architect had done all of the drawings for the modification of the empty space. The space needed partition walls that would create for all of the officers their own lodges.

Because we operate in the bank field, we needed wall solutions that would protect the customer and the customer meeting. As a finance department store our tasks are guided by bank secret and insurance secret”, Says Saila Rosas, the Länsi-Kymen osuus pankki's chief executive officer.

The architect gave a hint to Rosas to turn to HSL Group for the delivering of the wall solutions.

“Already the first contact made an impression on me. The person answering the phone started to work on the matter right away. HSL Group was flexible and professional. We felt already from the beginning, that it's good to work with a company like this!”

The renovation of the office was in a hurry, and then the corona crisis broke out on top of that.

“We were worried about how to get the kind of space solutions that would serve our special needs, and whether the spaces will be ready on time. We got a calming message from HSL Group, they said that things will be handled. The walls came on the day that was agreed upon. The work started and continued exemplarily. I was always amazed when I came to the construction site, and saw that things had went forward so well”, says Saila Rosas

In the space solution, HSL ALU 92 aluminum walls and HSL ELEMENT solid walls were used, which also softened the decibels. The activities at the office could be periodized with the walls and acoustically departmentalize the spaces.

“Our daily work has changed compared to before, we got new rooms because of the walls, which means own space for every officer. Disturbances won't be heard through the wall. What's best is that the walls are quite light and the doors move softly”, compliments Saila Rosas.

We got the kinds of premises, or actually even better spaces than we had even imagined. The contract happened really quickly, maybe even quicker than we had planned”, Saila Rosas continues:

“HSL Group's staff was really committed and obviously experts in their own field, the service was really smooth and didn't need to wait things to be bounced from one place to another and person to person, but actually things got done. I liked the fact, that we got the kind of expert help, exactly the kind that we needed.”

As an end result the customers and the staff has given really good feedback. The looks of the space is fresh, the solutions are good. The spaces are bright and spacious, for the glass walls provide airiness.

“Now that we have renovations in other offices, we hope for the same kinds of solutions to them too. There is jealousness for our Loviisa's office”, says Saila Rosas, Länsi-Kymen osuus pankki's chief executive officer.

Check out the sight's introduction video below

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