Lahti city hospital

Lahti city hospital

Located right at the center of Lahti, Lahti city hospital has went through a complete renovation. The big building was basic renovated in two parts. At the same time it transformed into Lahti's main health center, which will focus in the future in outpatient care reception and rehabilitation.

In the renovation the building's inner look changed completely. In the renovation, the property's inner spaces were renovated into multi-functional and in the design and implementation was followed a special hygiene concept. Copper known as antibacterial and brass has been widely used in the touch surfaces, for example, in the reception's service counters. Copper is effective even against antibiotic immune hospital bacteria.

HSL partition wall systems in the renovation of the hospital

In connection with the renovation the inner spaces was desired to be spacious and bright. Also attention has been paid to the staff's comfort, and for example the building's part called Masto has a space meant only for the staff, which can be entered from the reception room's “back door”. In this way the reception rooms have 2 entrances.

Every floor has it's own color environment. In addition to the color surface the glass partition walls have been decorated with pictures chosen by the staff, with which a personal mood was achieved.

The glass partition walls were implemented with HSL Group's partition wall systems and with the doors electric switches attached to them. Wood framed glass walls and the electrical switches were delivered shaded according each of the floors color theme. Laminated double glass was used as the glasses, with which the glass walls achieve a 44dB sound insulation classification.

Also the frames of the aluminum framed glass partition wall systems frames were shaded according to the color design. 6 mm Sliding glass doors made of tempted glass was attached to the walls, with handles and locking devices compatible with the design.

Painted- and glass surfaces are suited for a very difficult environment, and their cleanliness maintenance is easy. With the highly used glass walls the hospital's renovated spaces achieved a feeling of spaciousness and a modern look.

The renovated bright premises have received a special praise also from the staff and the users of the spaces. because of the module structured partition wall systems the spaces transformation with the needs of the future is easy and quick.

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