Lahti Aqua new headquarters

K-Kampus Helsinki

An open office changed into glass walls that provide work peace


Lahti aqua's headquarters moved into renewed premises, and at the same time the work spaces arrangement changed. An earlier open office changed into an office equipped with stylish domestic glass walls. The open and bright atmosphere also offers the possibility for work, that requires peace and privacy.

The new space solutions was implemented with HSL Group's sound insulating wooden glass walls, and with the wooden framed sliding glass doors attached to them. The walls and the sliding glass doors was an entirety that was custom-made in Finland, for the spaces of the client. In accordance with the client's plan, timeless birch veneer was chosen as the surface material.

Wide sliding glass doors equipped with the upper wheelwork, makes wide and thresholdless entrance openings and the feeling of spaciousness to the entirety, but also if needed, the individual spaces can be closed. The glass walls sound insulation is Rw31-39dB depending on the chosen glass and it's Rw31dB for the sliding glass doors. This guarantees the needed work peace and the privacy of the meetings.

The client was happy with the end result. Because of the transformation flexible solutions, transformation of the spaces with the needs of the future is easy and dust-free. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls and the doors maintenance and transformation works for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

Check out the sight's introduction video below

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