LähiTapiola Turku

LähiTapiola pääkonttori Turku
LähiTapiola reforms it's strategy, it changes from an insurance company to a life security company, it's ambitious objective is to stay with a person from when they are an unborn, all the way to the end of human life. The role of the company changes and it aims to, in addition to compensation, to prevent their customers future accidents and other risks. Along with the renovation all of the LähiTapiola's current offices will be transformed into life security offices. In addition to these, new kinds of life security houses will be created. The first of these is opened in Turku. The matter in question is LähiTapiola's Southwest Finland's headquarters that is from inside and outside fully renovated, it can be found in Turku's center, at the corner of Yliopistokatu and Brahenkatu. The idea of a life security house is to offer everything having to do with health, finances and services having to do with safety collectively under the same roof and the structure of the spaces supports this ideology. In the design of the spaces a special attention has been given to the customer experience and work wellbeing. As an end result modern and ergonomic spaces were born. In the inner spaces of the life security house was used a lot of partition wall systems. HSL Group delivered aluminum framed glass wall systems including their electrical switches and doors for the life security house. Aluminum framed glass walls were used in the office spaces, meeting spaces and in the property's public spaces. With the aluminum framed glass walls, the spaces achieved a modern design look, spaciousness and an unhindered passing of light from one space to another. Because of the transformation flexible partitions, transformation of the spaces for the needs of the future is easy and quick. Designer: Jacce Karja
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