LähiTapiola life security office Tampere

HSL Group liukulasiovet

LähiTapiola changes from a insurance company to a life security company, it's objective is to stay with a person from when they an unborn, all the way to the end of a person's life. With the strategic reform, also the headquarter of LähiTapiola Vellamo that operates in Tampere was renovated. And the new life security office was opened to Aleksanterinkatu 10.

A life security office offers under one roof, different foreshadowing, safety and wellbeing solutions, with witch the Finnish person's day to day life will be more safe, financially more successful and healthier. In the design of the new premises, special thought has been put into customer experience and workplace wellbeing. A modern and very stylish premises was born as a final result. In the inner structures of the sight, a lot of system partition walls were used to guarantee a transformation flexibility.

HSL Group delivered domestic aluminum framed glass wall systems, including electric shutters and sliding glass doors to the life security office. All of the system partition walls and sliding glasses were made in Finland as a custom-made entirety to the sight. The aluminum framed glass walls were used in the office spaces, meeting spaces and the spaces reserved for customer meetings.

With the stylish dark tinted aluminum glass walls and sliding glass doors connected to them, a modern design look and an unhindered light's movement from one space to another was achieved. The glass walls and sliding glass doors good sound insulation, guarantees work-peace and customer meeting's privacy. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls and the doors maintenance and transformation works, if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

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