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LähiTapiola changes from a insurance company to a life security company, it's objective is to stay with a person from when they an unborn, all the way to the end of a person's life. With the strategic reform, the Järvenpää office located in Sampotalo was also renovated.

In the design of the new facilities, special attention has been paid to the customer experience and well-being at work. The outcome was modern and very elegant premises, where a lot of partition wall systems were used to guarantee conversion flexibility. HSL Group delivered the interior wall solutions to the Järvenpää life security house, installed in place and ready for use. All partition walls and door solutions were manufactured in Finland and are custom built for the customer's premises.

Meeting and cafeteria spaces were created with wooden glass walls, which were equipped with large, floor-to-ceiling glasses. The vertical seams of the glass were made frameless, which enables a large, uniform glass surface. The frames of the walls, additional parts and the hinged doors connected to the walls were tinted with colors according to the customer's plans. The sound insulation of the wooden glass wall is Rw39dB and of the swing doors Rw35dB.

HUFCOR operable walls were also delivered to the conference rooms, which can be used to quickly and easily divide larger spaces into smaller sound-separating parts. Operable walls were finished with a light melamine coating and equipped with swing doors integrated into the walls, so that moving from one space to another is effortless if necessary. For all elements, the operable walls are sealed to the surrounding structures, which guarantees excellent sound insulation. The sound insulation of the transfer walls delivered to the site is Rw48dB.

The customer conference rooms and the spaces intended for individual work were realized with stylish aluminum glass walls and sliding doors attached to them. The dark-toned graceful frames of the walls and sliding glass, wide glass openings and high-quality glazing give the structure an elegant and timeless look. Large glass surfaces bring light into shared spaces and enable efficient use of space without compromising the feeling of space. In order to guarantee the privacy of customer conversations and peace of mind at work, good sound insulation was also taken into account in these rooms, which is Rw33dB for the entire structure. 

HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls and the doors maintenance and transformation works, if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

Operable wall presentation video

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