Kyocera Espoo meeting pod


When new workspaces are desired for the needs of individual and group-work in already existing business premises, module structured mini spaces are a good answer for this. The offices already existing structures and house technology can be left as before, which makes the execution quick and dust free. And if needed the space can be later moved to a new place.

Modern meeting pod to a traditional open office.

In an open office Located in Espoo's Tietotie, was created a stylish and a modern office meeting pod with HSL Group's mini solutions. In the module structured room, one of the walls is fully made of glass and the last three are solid built. The glass wall brings a sense of spaciousness and natural light to the space. The other walls make attachment points possible for lighting and large presentation and video meeting screens, among other things.

The space was created with the specifications and measurements given by the client. There is space for as much as 7 people around the meeting table area now. In the space can naturally be found data and electrical feeds as well as an independent lighting and ventilation.

All of the office meeting pod's structures are sound insulated which means that work peace and the privacy of the conversations in the space is guaranteed. The appropriate acoustics of the space was already taken care of at the creation phase with the roof's and walls acoustic panels and the ground carpet. Because of the space's good acoustics, lighting and ventilation - working in the space is enjoyable, even in a group of multiple people.

The office meeting pod was delivered to the client as a “turnkey” package, all the way to the final installation. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the structures maintenance and transformation works, if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

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