KPY Novapolis Kuopio

HSL puulasiseinät parikääntöovilla Novapolis

Novapolis operates as a Kuopio region's expertise, development and internationalization hub, where people and businesses meet. In it's premises operates about 200 customer businesses and communities. Novapolis, which is called experts city, offers to it's customer businesses modern premises, meeting spaces, representation spaces, education spaces and other activities support services.

Versatile and modern space solutions with system partition walls

In Novapolis you can find a large amounts of different spaces, and their easy transformability to the needs of the customers is extremely important. The change has to happen in a tight schedule and disturb as little as possible the use of the spaces. That's why in the implementation of the spaces was used HSL Group's domestic system partition walls, which makes the transformation of the spaces easy and dust-free.

Each system partition wall that was delivered to the sight, was tailor-made in accordance with the plans of the client, including materials and the surface treatment. In this way, space entireties were created that were visually compatible with the rest of the environment, and that were just right for the needs of the environment.

To the sight was delivered solid partition walls, wooden glass walls, aluminum glass walls, smart glass walls and door entireties with sliding glass doors and turning doors attached to them. In connection with the door environment was delivered electric shutters and doors upper elements, that were in accordance with the client's plans.

The insulation of the delivered walls and doors were executed to be in accordance with the client's requirements for each of the individual spaces. Each space guarantees to it's user work peace and also the privacy of the conversations that are had in the spaces. The work spaces that are equipped with smart glass, in regards to visibility, will turn easily private with only a press of a button.

Also in this sight, the security of supply and being on schedule are central in regards to the client's activity. All of the products that were ordered by the client were delivered and installed by our professional installers to the site, on the schedule that was agreed upon. HSL Group will also be in charge of the delivered products maintenance and renovation work in accordance with what was agreed upon with the client.

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