K-group's new head office K-Campus

K-Kampus Helsinki
A new K-group's head office K-campus was opened in may 2019 to Helsinki's Kalasatama. The building is located right next to the Kalastama's metro station and shopping center Redi, which makes easy transportation possible for users and visitors of the building. The property that is the size of the whole block with it's big glass surfaces is impressive, and fits really well with the urban environment. The building, highlighting sustainability and timeless design, consists of 37 000 square meters and offers smart and transformation flexible work rooms and encountering place for 1800 K-group's workers. All of the K-group's industries are represented at the property, and the purpose of the campus is to bring together industries and create interactions between the different fields. HSL sliding glass systems at the silent work spaces in the campus The work spaces of K-campus support the different needs of the workers. Instead of traditional office rooms and individual work spaces, the employees at the campus can choose the kind of work space where they feel their work is the best, and there is an abundant amount of spaces to choose from. As partner for the open spaces, about hundred meeting rooms and separate silent work spaces can be found. The silent spaces of the campus has been placed as a part of the open work spaces. HSL Group delivered sound insulated sliding glass systems for these retreating spaces. Because of their good sound insulation (37dB) the sliding glasses make difficult work, requiring focus and silence, possible in their own peace, but still in the middle of the areas meant for the communal work. The frames of the sliding glasses have been shaded compatible with the rest of the entirety, and they give the retreating spaces an impressive look and bring to the spaces a sense of spaciousness, by letting light in without hindrance.
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