Heinola High School

HSL puulasiseinat Heinolan lukio

The new premises of Heinola's high school and youth services were built in the center of the city in the culturally historically valuable Seminar area. The overall appearance of the inviting and easily accessible building is flexible and modifiable in terms of space solutions, and in addition to the school and youth services, it also serves a wide range of hobby and cultural activities.

At the center of the building is a large, high and open space that also serves as a canteen. The teaching and other facilities are built around this center and are accessed via elegant staircases. A lot of wood has been used in the finishing of the interior, and it has been possible to create a warm atmosphere in the premises, where it is easy for the users of the premises to enjoy themselves.

Domestic flexible partition wall solutions

Since the adaptability of the space solutions played a key role, the object's partition solutions were realized as transformable system partitions, thanks to which possible changes in the spaces can be implemented quickly and by reusing the same partition structures. HSL Group realized the spatial solutions of the site with high-quality domestic wooden glass walls that were tailored to the site according to the customer's plans.

Some of the wooden glass walls were made with oak veneer frames, which elegantly reproduce the wooden surfaces used in the common areas. Wooden glass walls tinted white were also used in the teaching spaces, which together with the light floor and ceiling and large glass surfaces make the spaces really bright. Walls with frames tinted black were also delivered to the site. In connection with the partition systems, the solid parts of the walls, the electricity modules of the doors and the swing doors were also delivered coated to match the surrounding structures. All delivered structures are effectively soundproof (rw38-49dB), which guarantees a disturbance-free environment for teaching and learning.

All HSL Group space solutions are delivered installed, and the installation will be done by our own experienced professionals. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls, doors and other space solutions maintenance- and transformation works, if the client wishes, for the whole lifecycle of the property.

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