Cooper's kindergarten

Cooper's kindergarten

Stylish transformable premises for a kindergarten


In the beginning of the year, a new Cooper's kindergarten was put into use in Järvenpää. It offers the premises for about 200 kindergartener and to 40 professional of early childhood education and activities related to that. This unique kindergarten, from the perspective of it's space solution, is located in a wellbeing campus, in which lives a lot of aged people. In the kindergarten, spaces has been created, where different age groups interaction is smooth. The aim is, that the older population can become a part of kindergarten activities.

Transformability, visibility and sound management

Some of the spaces of the kindergarten are designed in such a way, that the spaces can be easily connected or divided into smaller group spaces. The space dividing solutions was done by HSL Group's domestic aluminum glass walls and with aluminum bodied sliding glass doors attached to them. The wide sliding glass doors make it possible that as much as half of the wall can be opened into an opening that connects the spaces.

The petite aluminum bodies give the walls and the sliding doors a modern and a stylish look. The glass walls and sliding glasses aluminum body and sliding doors aluminum ground rails are Decoral coated. With a Decoral method the aluminum profiles can be made into desired wood's or rock's surface, with the shades desired by the client. The coating is very durable and that's what makes it a good choice for difficult sights.

The glass walls and doors make the spaces feel spacious, and make it possible to follow events also between different spaces. In addition to being able to follow events, working with a two hundred kindergarteners, sometimes noice management is needed. The glass walls and the sliding glass doors tested sound insulation is 33 dB, which makes calm and noiseless spaces possible for the needs of each situation.

Because of the transformation flexible partition wall system solutions, transformation of the spaces with the needs of the future is easy and dust-free. HSL Group's professionals will be in charge of the walls and the doors maintenance and transformation works, if the client wishes, for the duration of the whole lifecycle.

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