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Property Technopolis Ruoholahti


The basis for the premises success is created already in the designing phase of the property. A great example of this is Technopolis Ruoholahti that we opened in the summer of 2012. The building was designed to offer for information intensive companies the best possible work environment. In my own opinion and especially according to the customer feedback, I dare to say that we have been successful in achieving this goal even excellently.

Easily reachable destination is naturally a central success factor for the property and this applies to Technopolis Ruoholahti as well. A condition that is expected from a new property is always also modern technology and a sound friendly space design. These requirements can be seen in Technopolis Ruoholahti, for example, in the easy transformation of the spaces, aesthetic comfort and in the sound design.

The aforementioned requirements also guide our choice of partners. In terms of partition wall systems we have worked already for ten years in cooperation with HSL Group LLC. I experience that they have been able to answer our requirements on the level of product and also in service. Examples are, HSL walls continuously developing transformation flexibility, sound insulation capability and versatile material choices, among others. Also theHCL walls element structure, the factory's production readiness and installation speed are clear cost benefits. In addition I also value the HSL Group's entrepreneurial attitude, which can be seen in the real listening of the client and in innovation capability.

The functional development of premises continue strong. The spaces even more personal and customer specific tailoring and interesting new materials will be certainly seen in all of our properties. I expect innovative solutions for these challenges also from our collaborators”

Technopolis LLC
Kari Kokkonen
Director, Kiinteistötoiminnot

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