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“HSL has been a familiar name to me already for many decades. HSL or Heinolan Seinälinja, as it was called in the early days of our collaboration, has been involved in several sights designed by our office. Architect's job is a creation, in where ideas, shapes and materials repeatability in the real world is a central prerequisite for success.

Our office has been able to design many well-known sights in the Helsinki metropolitan area, like Nokia's headquarters, Kamppi's business spaces and apartments, Ilmarinen's new headquarters, the former Lepakko's building and the latest sight Helsinki Kalasatama's extensive renovation work. All the sights are always individual unique cases, where the architect has to sustain a feel to the sight's environment as well as the users of the space. I believe we have succeeded in this task well.

When I form a view of individual spaces or rooms, Im faced with concrete material choices.

HSL walls modular structure is really useful in enhancing the transformation flexibility of the spaces.

I have noticed through the years that the HSL partition wall systems has answered most of our needs. For example, the HSL walls modular structure has been really useful in enhancing the transformation flexibility of the spaces. HSL also developed from our joint plan, the first ever fully even corridor wall structure, where the room's doors were able to be at the same level with the walls. Nowadays this is a structure that is quite often used in different offices and public spaces.

When designing a new property, the aforementioned transformation flexibility is even more important requirement than before, that guides my work. Also the spaces acoustic characteristics are a really important factor for general comfort and also for functionality. Among other things, different kinds of silent rooms will be more common. In my opinion HSL has been successful in developing their partition wall systems in accordance with these requirements and has kept up with the pace of the thought of us architects. Lastly I would like to bring up a new Metsätapiolan toimistotalon Espoossa as an example of a really diverse space design. We have also here used HSL's walls”

Antti Laiho
Helin Architects

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